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Many individuals with dentures are not happy with them. Dentures tend to have a lot of problems, including poor fit, slipping, clicking, and shifting at inopportune moments. They can make it difficult to eat foods you enjoy and have to be removed at night to be cleaned properly and rest your gums. Traditional dentures must be replaced and refitted every 5-7 years. It’s time-consuming and expensive. Fortunately, there is an alternative that is much more comfortable and attractive – permanent dentures.

What are Permanent Dentures?

A permanent denture looks similar to a regular denture at first glance, but the similarity ends there. Unlike a traditional one, a permanent denture is fastened in the mouth and does not need to be removed at night or for cleaning. It functions like your natural teeth.

A Natural-Looking, Permanent Solution for Missing Teeth
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Are Permanent Dentures Better than Removable Dentures?

Permanent dentures fit better and are more comfortable than removable dentures. Unlike traditional dentures, they last longer and generally do not need routine adjustments. The implants supporting them absorb chewing and biting pressure, eliminating the gum and jawbone ridge irritation often experienced with years of wearing traditional dentures.

A frequent problem with wearing traditional dentures is the resorption of the jawbone. This is the deterioration of the jawbone caused by missing tooth roots, leading to a sunken facial appearance. With permanent, implant-supported dentures, resorption does not occur. Instead, the jawbone fuses with the implants, preserving facial structure.

How are Permanent Dentures Attached?

Titanium implants are surgically placed in the jawbone. Once these are healed, a slender pin or abutment is attached to the top, then fastened to the permanent denture. This distributes the weight of the denture and any biting force across the implants.

Do Permanent Dentures Look Natural?

Yes, the dentures are custom crafted to match the color, shade, and texture of natural teeth. No one but your dentist will know they are dentures. The materials used, including porcelain, resin, or ceramic, are as close to your teeth’s natural enamel as possible and incredibly durable.

Can You Eat Regular Food with Permanent Dentures?

You can eat any foods you like with permanent dentures. You also do not have to worry about chewing any tough or sticky foods, as the implants supporting your dentures absorb the bite force, preventing gum irritation.

How Long Do Permanent Dentures Last?

Permanent dentures last 7-15 years before needing replacement (much longer than traditional dentures, which need to be relined every two years and replaced every 5 years).

How Do You Clean Permanent Dentures?

Daily flossing and twice daily brushing are essential to keeping your permanent dentures in good condition. Also, take care to brush your gums and the soft tissues of your mouth, including your tongue, to keep bacteria under control. Rinsing each night with disinfecting mouthwash is also helpful.

A twice-yearly checkup and professional cleaning at Limestone Periodontics allows us to check your implants and make sure there are no issues to address.

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