Dental Implants

If your smile is important to you, Dr. Leo Kituskie, a dental implant expert near Wilmington, DE, provides professional dental implants services in Delaware.

The use of dental implants is a practice traceable back to the ancient Egyptian and Mayan civilizations. In the 1950s, researchers at Cambridge University began work on what would eventually become the dental implants we use today. Modern dental implant technology has been in use since the '80s to replace missing teeth.

Dental implants in Wilmington, DE replace tooth roots with titanium inserts that fuse to your jaw bones rather than using your gums or adjacent teeth as temporary anchors. After the connection is made between the jawbone and the implant, an abutment is fitted over the exposed part of the insert above the gum line. Last but not least, the dental crown, which resembles a natural tooth, is placed over the abutment.

Why Choose Implants?

  • Permanent Tooth Restoration
  • Ability to Eat and Speak Without Loose Dentures
  • No More Embarrassing Gaps In Your Smile!
  • Saves Bone and Surrounding Teeth
  • No Need for Fixed or Removable Appliances
  • Renewed Confidence in Your Appearance

The Benefits of Dental Implants for Replacing Missing Teeth in Wilmington, DE

Dental implants mimic the root of a tooth within the jaw bone, while dentures merely rest above the gum line, causing embarrassing noises and movement. Dental implants are a secure tooth replacement that can last a life time with proper care.

It is estimated that 69 percent of adults between the ages of 35 and 44 are missing teeth. Common reasons for loss of teeth include injury, decay and gum disease. By age 74, 26 percent of adults have lost all of their permanent teeth.

Research indicates that dental implants yield better long-term results for missing teeth. Dr. Kituskie is dedicated to helping you regain your confidence with a beautiful smile. Contact our office to learn more about dental implants in Wilmington, DE.

Dental Implants vs Dentures

Whether you are missing a single tooth or multiple teeth, you will be able to smile knowing that dental implants give you much more freedom over your traditional dentures or a dental bridge.

While dentures are a viable option, dental implants can now be added for support and additional benefits in replacing missing teeth. In the case of a single missing tooth, standard treatments include using removable partial dentures or fixed partial dentures (dental bridge). Removable partial dentures affix replacement teeth on a gum-colored-plastic base. The base is attached to the gum line with a series of metal clasps. Dental implants can be used to replacing a single tooth without damaging side teeth and adding stimulation to the bone by supporting it as your natural tooth root would.

Replacing multiple missing teeth prior to dental implant technology usually involved a partial dental bridge. While a partial dental bridge is the most common solution, it fails to address the same concerns as dentures, like bone loss prevention and facial structure preservation. Dental Bridges also can cause damage to neighboring teeth, which are used to support the bridge. Now dental implants can be used to support a dental bridge, combining the benefits of both missing teeth replacements.

Dental implants allow you to eat and speak normally. They are comfortable and natural looking. Former patients of this procedure report improved taste and appetite since they are able to chew without pain or discomfort. There is over 50 years of science and research supporting the use and success of dental implants. Set up a dental implant consultation with Dr. Kituskie today to take the next step in smile restoration.

Multiple Missing Teeth

Technological advances in dentistry have afforded us the options we have today. With single teeth, and in cases where multiple teeth are missing, dental implants are versatile enough to solve both types of tooth loss.

While dental implants are the most successful option, there are a variety of options to consider for missing single and multiple teeth:

  • Removable partial dentures - This is a type of tooth replacement that features an all-in-one structure. A gum-colored base that resembles the gum line, sits beneath a row of life-like replacement teeth. The entire fixture is made of plastic. This option, however, frequently moves within the mouth, creating discomfort and embarrassment.
  • Fixed partial dentures - Commonly referred to as a dental bridge, fixed partial dentures are not attached to the root surface. With this dental option, the replacement tooth is suspended using the sides of surrounding teeth. The tooth is cemented in place. Any teeth providing an abutment to the replacement tooth are sanded down to make more space.

Bridges and partial dentures were once considered the best options with regards to tooth replacement. Times change, and so do dental technologies. Now with 50 years of research behind it, implant dentistry offers solutions to many of the problems associated with dentures and bridges. Bridges lead to jaw bone disintegration, while dental implants actually promote regeneration and bonding within the jaw region. Removable partial dentures move inside the mouth, eroding and degrading the gums and jaw line. Dental implants are permanent, yielding absolutely no movement at all.

Dental implants are a long-term solution for tooth loss that far exceeds the results yielded by dentures and bridges. If you are experiencing the loss of single or multiple teeth due to injury, decay or gum disease, meet with Dr. Kituskie and start restoring your smile today.

Are Dental Implants Right For Me?

If you are experiencing tooth loss, you are probably looking for a solution that still allows you to retain a beautiful smile. With options like dentures, dental bridges and dental crowns, and dental implants, it is hard to know which replacement is best for you. Not everyone qualifies for dental implants. If you identify with any of the following statements, be sure to mention them during your dental implant consultation to find out if they are right for you:

  • Existing dental work such as bridges or dentures can be supported with dental implants for improved success.
  • If your teeth have been missing for an extended period of time, there is a good chance that you are experiencing jaw bone deterioration. Dental implants need a certain amount of bone support, so bone grafting may be required before implants can be placed.
  • Existing medical conditions could affect the success of your dental implants. Be sure to mention these to Dr. Leo Kituskie.
  • Gum disease should be treated prior to dental implant placement. Dr. Kituskie offers a gentle gum disease treatment with laser gum surgery. With faster recovery times, treatment of gum disease should not add too much time to your dental implant placement.
  • Smoking can have a negative impact on the success of dental implants. Before using these method to replace your missing teeth, discuss your smoking habits with Dr. Kituskie.

Through an in-person consultation, Dr. Kituskie will be able to further evaluate whether dental implants are right for you. If you are ready to invest in a permanent smile solution, contact Dr. Kituskie, a dental expert in Wilmington, DE.

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Leo J. Kituskie, DMD

Limestone Periodontics Leo J. Kituskie, DMD

Board-certified periodontist Leo J. Kituskie provides comprehensive periodontal and dental implant treatment to help patients restore and preserve their oral health. He is affiliated with several prestigious organizations, including:

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